Once I Had It All, Now I Just Have Everything

Once Front AWAL

Once I Had It All, Now I Just Have Everything.

12 track CD originally released on Liquid Records in 1999. Available on itunes:

  1. In Optimo City (The Almost Perfect Town)
  2. Blipvert
  3. Once I Had It All, Now I Just Have Everything
  4. The Night The Rain Stopped
  5. Senseless
  6. Wherefore Is This Night Distinguished From All Other Nights?
  7. The Gun Dance
  8. Falling
  9. You Are Here
  10. Recent Ghosts
  11. A Few Thoughts About Time
  12. Club Of No Regrets (Piano)

Tracks One & Nine written for In Optimo City (the almost perfect town)
by Vincent Dance Theatre;
three, four, six and eight for Emmanuelle Enchanted, eleven for Showtime
and twelve for Club Of No Regrets by Forced Entertainment;
six for Senseless by Third Angel;
seven for Haunted by Wendy Houstoun.